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If you're thinking about upgrading or replacing your homes current heating or cooling system here in Mesquite, it's important to know all of your options. Central heat pumps make great choices for installation here in Mesquite because they are efficient, effective and reliable. Mesquite Heating and Air Conditioning is proud to be an Armstrong Air dealer, they make the best heat pumps, air conditioners and furnaces on the market today.

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We Feature Armstrong Split Heat Pump Units

Armstrong Air AC

4SHP20LX Pro Series™

Delivers maximum control and precise temperatures

  • Up to 20.0 Cooling SEER Efficiency
  • Heating HSPF 10.0
  • Operation Type Modulating
  • Controls Comfort Sync®
  • Advanced IAQ Yes
  • Residential Tax Credit** $300
Explore 4SHP20LX Pro Series™
Armstrong Air AC

4SHP16LS Pro Series™

Enhances performance and control over temperature and humidity

  • Up to 16.0 Cooling SEER Efficiency
  • Heating HSPF 8.5
  • Operation Type 2-Stage
  • Controls Comfort Sync®
  • Advanced IAQ Yes
  • Residential Tax Credit** $300
Explore 4SHP16LS Pro Series™
Armstrong Air AC

4SHP14LB Standard

Increases efficiency and year-round comfort

  • Up to 15.0 Cooling SEER Efficiency
  • Heating HSPF 8.5
  • Operation Type Single Stage
  • Controls 24 VAC
  • Advanced IAQ No
  • Residential Tax Credit** $0
Explore 4SHP14LB Standard

Click here for US Energy Tax Credit details.

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We get it, replacing a comfort system in your home is a big expense that no one wakes up wanting to do. But the heat pumps being made today are leagues ahead of those made 5 or ten years ago in terms of efficiency. You can think of it as an investment that will pay for itself over time by decreasing your spend on utilities. Call Mesquite Heating and Air Conditioning today for heat pump installation!

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AC Services from Mesquite Heating & Air Conditioning

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New Heat Pump Facts

  • Better Than Single Stage: Traditional heat pump systems where single-stage: on at full capacity, or off. While single stage is better than nothing, your HVAC system can be a lot better:

    • Now, with fully modulating variable capacity outdoor units and variable speed fan motors available, the comfort, efficiency, and humidity control are at its ultimate peak.
    • Two stage heat pumps run at about 60% of rated capacity for quieter operation, better humidity control, and much greater comfort levels.
  • Dual Fuel?: A modern Armstrong heating system offers efficiency even at record low temperatures in Mesquite, Texas. However, on the coldest nights of the year, your new heat pumps capacity may not be quite enough to maintain the desired indoor temperatures. Particularly in system replacements, you may want either an efficient gas furnace or electric resistance air handler elements to make up this small difference.
  • Healthy Indoor Air: Now more than ever, your indoor environment is critical to the health of your family. Families spend as much as 90% of their time indoors, so a healthy indoor climate is more essential than ever. Two stage and variable speed heat pumps offer efficiency, but also enable longer run times for air cleaning and purification systems, and much better humidity control.
    • ECM Variable Speed Motors can provide a broad range of airflows based on system requirements for better comfort and air quality while using less energy than other motor types.
    • Constant Torque Motors are higher efficiency, brushless DC motors that are designed to provide a given rate of airflow (CFM) even when operating conditions like static pressure change.
  • Simply Smarter Heating and Cooling: The traditional HVAC system olden-day society grew up with invariably had a mercury-based single stage thermostat with a 2 – 4°F operation differential. Modern controls are environmentally sound, and provide simply better comfort:
    • Smart Comfort Sync® thermostats with either Apple or Android App systems offer accuracy, sophisticated system management, unprecedented control and exceptional energy savings from anywhere on the earth (with a Wi-Fi or internet signal.)
    • 24 VAC two or single stage electronic (mercury free) thermostats.

Our trained technicians will be able to perform a complete heat loss / gain in your home or business to determine the exact sizing needed for your new heat pump system. When properly sized and installed you will be amazed at how efficient and effective your new Armstrong heat pump is.

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