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Mobile homes, or manufactured homes, are very common in Mesquite, TX and metro Dallas. While mobile homes commonly utilize gas furnaces or air handlers for winter comfort, the cooling system required is significantly different from those used in a site-built homes. Since 1984, Mesquite Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. has provided professional mobile home cooling system replacement and repair services. There are three basic choices to air condition a mobile home based on your specific application.

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Mobile Home Central Air Conditioning

  • Split Cooling If your existing mobile home has and outdoor condenser connected to an indoor coil that is incorporated with your existing furnace or air handler, you can replace the outdoor unit and indoor coil with a new mobile home rate system. This generally consists of both a new more efficient outdoor unit combined with a matched indoor coil. We will need to carefully check the airflow capacity of your furnace or air handler, and the capacity of your ductwork to ensure proper sizing.
  • Packaged Systems: A packaged system provides both heating and cooling performance from one unit that is outside the home, and connected with ductwork to your indoor HVAC system. The package unit is typically installed on the ground or on the roof.
  • Mini Split Cooling: A new efficient choice for central cooling are mini-splits. These extremely efficient systems do need to work with any existing ductwork. Rather indoor unit(s) can be mount in key spaces and provide cooling and zone control. The indoor and outdoor units are connected by a lineset for refrigerant and control wiring. Mini split air conditioners are often easier to install and more efficient the split ducted or packaged systems.
AC Services from Mesquite Heating & Air Conditioning
AC Services from Mesquite Heating & Air Conditioning

Mobile Home Air Conditioning

You mobile home cooling system is significantly different than a system in a site-built home. Mobile homes utilized specific mobile home approved HVAC equipment that are significantly different the traditional cooling equipment:

  • Airflow: Almost all mobile home air handlers are downflow, drawing return air into a plenum and pushing heated sir into ductwork located under the floor.
  • Dimensions: Mobile home air handlers and indoor coils are located in a niche, or space specifically dedicated for their use. Therefore, a replacement system must be exactly the right height, width, and depth.
  • Sizing and Air Conditioning Requirements: Mobile homes are often smaller with lower cooling loads, so a replacement system needs to be properly sized. An oversized system will not work properly.
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    AC Services from Mesquite Heating & Air Conditioning

    Mobile Home Gas Furnace Installation

    At Mesquite Heating, we stock replacement mobile home cooling systems and offer affordable replacement services. Our AC experts can evaluate your existing system and help you determine what your best replacement choice might be.

    Mobile Home Air Conditioning Repairs

    If the cooling system in your mobile home requires emergency service we're here to help. We service all brands and stock all the replacement parts necessary to get your system back in operation.

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